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Huntington’s Disease – Need for more awareness and better management strategies

Huntington Disease (HD) is a hereditary disorder that damages the brain cell. When toxic protein gets collected in the brain, it starts causing damage, leading to symptoms of HD. The complications start getting fatal over the course of time making it difficult to do simple activities...

National Technology Day - May 11 – Let’s celebrate the role of technology in healthcare and aim to achieve more

Technology in the healthcare sector has brought a powerful change across the world. When National Technology Day was first celebrated in 1999, we were celebrating readiness of India for nuclear wars. Now our biggest enemies are viruses. Technology will have to gear up to combat that. ..

Kawasaki Disease and COVID-19 – is there a connection?

Kawasaki disease is more prevalent in infants and toddlers. It begins with rashes on the body and then high fever. The skin starts peeling off. This disease affects lymph nodes and mucous membranes and can affect heart, liver etc. in the severest form. It is a treatable disease. Experts are seeing a possible connection of it with COVID-19...

FDA to hold meeting in regards to the vaccines for pediatric use

The third wave of the coronavirus pandemic needs to be avoided completely. The FDA looks all set to take care of children worldwide during this pandemic and achieve a vaccine for pediatric use as soon as possible. ..

GSK and Vir Biotechnology starts EMA rolling review of VIR-7831 (sotrovimab) for treatment of COVID-19

GSK's Covid product could be soon in the market after the emergency medical application review..

11 COVID patients die in Tirupati due to lack of oxygen supply

Covid playing at its worst in India..

Important precautions to be taken after the first dose of COVID vaccine

The COVID vaccination has commenced in all parts of India and people have many doubts regarding do’s and don’ts after taking the first vaccine shot” ..

One shot of AstraZeneca vaccine reduces death risk by 80%, shows new data

AstraZeneca vaccine efficacy documented successfully..

Supplements is a “must have” in every women’s kitty

Supplements should be included for every woman of all ages. They are natural energy boosters and will keep you active and going throughout the day with great mental stamina while working from home. ..

US FDA authorizes Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine for use in people ages 12 to 15

FDA approves Pfizer vaccine for 12-15 years age group on Monday..

Prescription pills don't equal better sleep in the long run for women, study suggests

Guide and Tip for healthy sleeping habits..

World Hummus Day - 13th May 2021- Know the Health benefits of hummus

Ever tried hummus? Creamy delicious dip which is a healthy version of different sauces. Let us explore the health benefits of this hummus today on the World Hummus Day ..

Know your Active heart rate

Active heart rate signifies a person’s fitness level. It is a measurement of a person’s heartbeat during any physical activity. This varies from person to person”..

FDA releases investigation report for the year 2020 due to salmonella outbreak linked to red onions.

Sanitization is very important when it comes to food manufacturing processes. FDA is doing special scrutiny and advises the grower to be careful to assess the risks of non-sanitization. ..

FDA approves rapid HIV test at home

“Rapid HIV tests are not 100% reliable. Although, these tests help in relaxing someone with their uncertainty when they are unable to visit a doctor” ..

Just as we are taking the vaccine for Covid-19, we should take the vaccine for Asthma, advises Dr. Manish Sachdev

Dr. Manish Sachdev not just informs but nicely explains all the vital issues related to Asthma in an easy-to-understand way with demonstration of Asthma-related devices. He provides valuable inputs related to Asthma in these times of COVID-19 and Covid-phobia...

Delaying second covid vaccine dose may prevent deaths under certain conditions

Delay strategy, at least for people under 65, could reduce deaths by up to 20%, say, researchers ..

Palliative care – It’s not the quantity but the quality that matters

“Palliative care improves the quality of life for people having chronic or serious illnesses” ..

FDA Authorizes Pfizer-BioNTech COVID Vaccine for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) in adolescents for fight against pandemic

FDA is working towards the safety of adolescents and the children who are innocent minds and need special care towards pandemics. FDA authorizes Pfizer-BioNTech COVID Vaccine for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for adolescents...

Dr. Santanu Sen, Pediatric Hematologist and Oncologist gives insight into the precautionary measures and treating COVID in children

Dr. Santanu Sen with his valuable clinical expertise states the importance of isolating the COVID positive child with the mother. His kind humanity towards kids and suggestion that kids should not be isolated alone is truly incredible. ..

Bindas Bol with Dr. Kumar Kamble - Deaddiction Series- Episode 5- Negative impact of addiction on family members

Dr. Kumar Kamble sheds light on the topic of De-addiction and its negative impact on family members. He informs the importance of educating and awareness of family members in cases of addiction. ..

Dr. Aditya Agrawal gives his real-life story of treating asthma successfully

Dr. Aditya Agrawal shares his example of asthma which is treated successfully by him. He explains that asthma control by a professional doctor is a must. ..

Centre lobbied at WTO for access to foreign vaccines, but sat on licensing Covaxin for months

The Centre took more than six months to put its act together on the domestic front and shortlisted three PSUs only by April 2021 for the technology transfer of Covaxin. ..

Eli Lilly and MiNA Therapeutics Announce saRNA Research Collaboration

MiNA will utilize its saRNA platform to research up to five targets selected by Lilly that aim to address diseases across Lilly's key therapeutic focus areas..

Mixing Covid-19 vaccines tied to more side effects, early UK data suggests

Covid Vaccines and their side effects..

Risk of dying from Covid-19 40 times the risk of rare blood clot after receiving J&J vaccine

A blood clot is less risky than Covid says CDC..

Sputnik V - Third vaccine against COVID19 in India

"The first dose of Sputnik V vaccine was administered in Hyderabad” ..

Covid vaccines: Mixing increases reports of mild side-effects

Effects of mixing vaccines explained..

Government expands free distribution drive of AYUSH-64 medicine to 25 locations in Delhi

Delhi government distributes Ayush 64 to 25 locations in Delhi..

Cases of Black Fungus are increasing day by day

“This mainly affects people who are on medications for their co-morbidities that reduce their ability to fight with environmental pathogens” ..

No COVID-19 vaccination drive in Mumbai on 15 and 16 May, says BMC

BMC stops vaccination due to shortage..

World Telecommunication Day - 17 th May 2021- “Transformation in challenging times”

During this pandemic, we all have embraced the digital world and made it part of our lives. Let us welcome the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day today on the 17 th May 2021 and help people use the internet and telecommute worldwide. ..

World Hypertension Day: May 17 th 2021- Hypertension is a silent killer and must be controlled well

Blood pressure control is very important for hypertensive patients. This World Hypertension Day, we should raise awareness among all to defeat hypertension. Hypertension is a silent killer and must be dealt with well. ..

Dr. Ramesh Maheshwari, Sexual Medicine Consultant expresses the importance of sex education in schools for preventing HIV AIDS

“Sex education is very important. Sex education will bring awareness to children regarding sex. This education must start at the secondary school level. Education makes them understand what is wrong and what is right, it makes them aware of all consequences,” says Dr. Ramesh Maheshwari, Sexual Medicine Consultant ..

Biogen and Envisagenics Announce Collaboration to Advance RNA Splicing Research

Collab for research..

Daiichi Sankyo Submits Application for Additional Indication of Mirogabalin in Japan

New uses of Mirogabalin claimed by Daiichi..

Lockdown in Delhi extended by another week till May 24

National capital under lockdown..

Dr. Vinay Kulkarni emphasizes AIDS is a preventable disease and with early detection and treatment, no one can die of it

“It’s a complete misnomer that AIDS is a fatal or killer disease. Maintenance of immunity in HIV basically depends on your treatment and nothing else. If you take medicine to keep viral load suppressed, then you can lead a normal life,” speaks Dr. Vinay Kulkarni, Dermatologist and an HIV Physician..

Bharat Biotech's Covaxin effective against Coronavirus strains found in India and UK

Covaxin effective against the second type of coronavirus says study..

Dr. Reddy’s tie up with Apollo Hospitals

Apollo hospital will be pricing Sputnik V vaccine Rs 1200-1250 per dose. ..


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